"Summer has been my massage therapist for 10 years! What I love best about her is that she can adjust her style to fit my needs from being a sore athlete, through my pregnancies with two babies, and when I just need to relax. Summer is the best!" 

Laila Ali~ Female Boxing Champion and TV Personality

"After 12 years in the NFL, someone who can take care of my injuries and keep me moving was hard to find. Summer has been my therapist now for 9 years and has helped me maintain mobility. I still workout hard and train regularly so it's important for me to have routine massage work. Even when she's out of town, I refuse to use someone else, she's worth the wait." 

Curtis Conway, Wide Receiver ~ Chicago Bears, San Diego Chargers, New York Jets, San Francisco 49rs

  “Summer and I met on tour with Janet Jackson and I am forever grateful! Now, whenever I'm in Los Angeles she's my first call. Summer has a gentle touch but knows how to put on the pressure when you need it.  I'm always referring her to my music industry friends, she’s the best ever!” 

DJ Aktive ~ Janet Jackson, Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, The Roots 


"I had the pleasure of touring with Summer on the "Unbreakable" world tour as Janet's bassist. Coming into the tour I had preexisting shoulder and forearm pain. Summer was able to work on both areas and that allowed me to get on stage every night pain free! I'd recommend her for any age as she is great at adapting her technique to go from a light touch, to one tear rolling down your cheek, hurts so good touch." 

Eric 'Pikfunk" Smith ~ Rihanna, P.Diddy, Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson



"I met Summer on tour with Janet Jackson and she is the best massage therapist I have ever come across. She understands athlete's bodies and how to take care of them so well. Whenever my friends need a massage she is the one I send them to. I love my Summer!"   
  Allison Claire, Dancer ~ Janet Jackson "Unbreakable" World Tour 

"Summers hands are healing. I've had many ailments while playing on world tours with people like Janet Jackson, where she and I met, and she has helped me release tension and helped stabilize my muscles to be able to pound through a 90 min show nonstop! I thank Summer for her assistance to me, the other band members, dancers, and Janet! She's amazing!" 

Lil John Roberts (drummer) Janet Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Neyo



  "I met Summer on Janet Jackson's "Rock Witchu" tour and she truly has been the best message therapist and I've had hundreds before her! Her warm smile and genuine care for each person that she works on is why you can fully relax and release your muscles. I learned so much about my body and the way it operates before and after the shows that I am grateful for my time with Summer! If you have not had the chance to get a massage from her don't wait another minute because it's life changing!"
Teddy Forance ~ Dancer, Choreographer, Co-Founder of Shaping Sound Dance Company & CLI Studios


"I took a hard fall off of a horse right as I was starting a tour, which was also when I met Summer. I was in a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort.  Summer and I barely knew each other at the time. I didn’t want bother her, but she insisted on helping me. It’s amazing how much better I felt after one session. Summer’s healing hands and caring heart are truly a gift." 

Charity Lomax, Road Manager | Production Coordinator ~ Janet Jackson, Don Henley, ETC II Tours